German b category course by e-learning 75 hours/180 days

70 .000,00 Ft



Our school provides a 10% discount to persons with a student card or with a coupon card.


Would you please use the coupon code only if you have a student card or coupon card that you can present at our school?

Category B driving license by an e-learning program in German

Our school does not provide service for the naturalization process.
If you have a driving license from another country please do not order this e-Learning program!
If nonetheless this the student dissembles his/her driving license, the school reserves the right not to refund the money paid
for education, but we help with the theory exam only and no more.

Our school provides you the opportunity to prepare for the theory (KRESZ) exam at home.

You do not have to go to a classroom to learn the theory. You can study and prepare for the exam from any place by computer, tablet mobile.

E-learning is a new education program that is accepted by the KAV (Transport and Examination Center).
It fully prepares you for and allows you to take the official theoretical exam.

By online payment, you can easily and safely purchase from our school website. After ordering the selected program you will be directed to the payment page of Unicredit Bank, where you can pay with your credit card with the most secure encrypted transaction currently available.

Ordering e-learning in informative pictures:

After the transaction has been successfully confirmed, you are officially our student, and our school prepares the contract which you can receive in the school at the office opening hours.

Please do not give a freemail or citromail e-mail address because these addresses are not acceptable by the e-Titan program!

You refer you read and agreed with the GDPR.

You can read here:

You refer you have the necessary education minimum, 8 class, in school.

(high school, grammar school, university)


You will receive an e-invoice from the payment.

The student must do theory exam within nine months from the start date of the course, and must do successful theory exam within one year from the start date of the course, and from the successful theory exam within two years, must do successful traffic exam so otherwise the previous exams will be lost, and required to start the course from the beginning.


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