General terms and conditions:

This contract contains the rights and obligations of the parties Szuper Jogsi Autósiskola Kft. (also referred to as Driving School) and the applicant for the Driving School’s educational program (also referred to as Student or Applicant). Szuper Jogsi Autósiskola Kft and Applicant together referred to as Parties. Identity of the Parties as below.

1. Identity, contact, and company data of Driving School    

1.1. Name of Driving School: Szuper Jogsi Autósiskola Kft.

1.2. The cell phone of Driving School: +36 70 509 9431

1.3 Email of Driving School:

1.4. Address of Driving School: 1073 Budapest, Erzsébet körút 4. ground floor, door number 4.

1.5. Legal form of Driving School: company (exact category: Kft.) regulated by Hungarian law.

1.6. Company’s registration number: 01-09-982325

1.7. The number of training license: KE/ST/82/B/2922/1/2012.

1.8. Adult Education license number:00492-2012

1.9. Name and identification number of Driving School’s leader and director: Anda János, 11633

1.10. Status of Driving School’s leader: owner.

1.11. Cell phone and email address of the Driving School’s leader: +36 70 509 9431;

1.12. Adult Education Registration number: B / 2020/002151)1.12.

DrivingSchool’s office hours.

Driving  School’s Office hours on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 12:00 – 17:00.

Driving  School’s Office hours on Friday: 12:00 – 19:00.

Szuper Jogsi Autósiskola Kft. organizes driver training courses based on regulations provided by law (24/2005. IV.21).

Information about the theoretical educational for driver training   category   B         

E-learning education of „B” category driving license.

Identity, contact data of Applicant

Family name (All):

Given name (All):

Your mother’s maiden name (All):

Place of birth (City):

Date of birth:


Town (City):

Street/house number/staircase/floor/door:15


e-mail address:

Passport or Hungarian ID card number/validity:


Driving license from any categories from any country:

Do you have a current or previous police ban?:

HUN student ID number, if you have: (Structure: 11-digit number beginning number is 7).:

I read and agree with the General terms and conditions:

The highest school qualification:

 Primary education (8 classes in school) 
Secondary education and high school graduation (grammar school) 
Secondary education and secondary vocational qualification (vocational grammar school, vocational school, vocational school)
Secondary education and secondary vocational qualification (technical school)
Higher education level and higher professional qualification (higher education institution)   
Higher education vocational training (higher education institution)

By signing this application form, the Applicant contributes to the use of his or her personal data contained in this document.

These personal data are used solely for the purpose the fulfill legal obligations required by relevant Hungarian controlling authority, which is:

KAV (Közlekedési Alkalmassági és Vizsgaközpont Nonprofit Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság).

1119 Budapest, Petzvál József u. 39. Phone number: +36 1 371 3030

Office hours: Monday – Thursday: 8.00 – 15.00 o’clock. Friday: 8.00-12.00 o’clock.   (From this point referred as Budapest Főváros Kormányhivatala Közlekedési Felügyelősége.) and FAR (Felnőttképzési Adatszolgáltatási Rendszer)

• Course name „B” category education by e-learning

• Course Accreditation Number EL / T / 2012/0004

• Start time is 180 days (from the date of order)

• Relative learning time 75 hours (starting from registration)

• Minimum study hours in the program – 5 hours.

If the student-run out of 180 days/75 hours can buy additional hours in the e-learning program:

• Additional lesson hours – 10 hours

• Additional learning time is 30 days

Location of the application: 1073 Budapest, Erzsébet Krt. 4.

E-learning theoretical education fee (180 days/75 hours)70 000 HUF
Driving practice     29 x 7 500 HUF /hour (50 minutes)217 500 HUF
Each additional hour is: 7 500 Huf/session. (50 minutes)

If the student-run out of the 180 days/75 hours can buy additional hours in the e-learning program: 15 days/10 hours – 15.000 HUF.

The school provides a 10% discount for high school or university students from the e-learning course price.

(Here the theoretical course fee is 63.000 HUF)

There is no way to refund the course fees or e-learning tuition fees that have been paid to the student who signed up for the course and signed a contract with the driving school. In the case of classroom education, the learner is given the opportunity to attend a later education.

The first theory exam only the school allowed to book to students.

After the first exam, the student can personally register for another exam at the exam center. Address:1119. Budapest, Petzvál József utca 39.

Practical exam (exams) only the school allowed for booking, the student can’t book the date for the practical exam.

For the exam must be needed:

Valid Passport,

Address card,

Residence permit or registration card,

Any document what is contain your mother’s maiden name,

Also need to prove the education of 8 years in school by the original certificate of your elementary school, high school, grammar school, or university degree diploma, translated into Hungarian.

The first exam may be taken without the presence of the original proof of primary school education, but no further examination date may be booked until the document is presented.

Place of theory exam: KAV Közlekedési Alkalmassági és Vizsgaközpont Nonprofit Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság

            1119. Budapest, Petzvál József utca 39. T: +36 1 371 3030

            1195. Budapest, Vas Gereben utca 2-4.  T: +36 1 348 2060  

            1141. Budapest, Komócsy utca 17-19.   T: +36 1 460 2219

Place for closed track training:

•                  Budaörs, Virág piac.

•                  Budapest, XIX. district Hofherr Albert street 109.

•                  Budapest III. district Bécsi út 310.

Meeting point for practical training:

•                  Budapest, XIX. district Határ út.

•                  Budapest III. district Flórián tér.

•                  Budapest XIV. district Írottkő park

•                  Budapest XIX. district Budaőrsi virágpiac

Method of payment for the educational services: in the office of the Driving School’s office in cash or by bank transfer.

Any other solution is considered a breach of contract, with criminal penalties charged to the Applicant!

At the time of signature Driving’s School provides for the Applicant the above discount price (7 500.-HUF/session) for the practical training in driving. It is valid for the first 30 hours of practical training. Before applying to the practical driving exam, it is required by the law (24/2005. IV.21). from the Student:

–                  to participate in a minimum of 29 hours of practical training,

–                  and fulfill at least 580 kilometers of driving during the practical training.

The school reserve the right to change prices. If the Applicant needs or requires additional training lessons to pass the practical driving exam, the same discount price (7 500 HUF/session) is valid. The school provides a discount fee for that student who begins the driving practice lessons within three months from the start of the course. After three months, the student can start the driving lessons for the actual driving lessons fees.

If the student brake or temporarily stop the course must reckon with it, after three months the driving lessons discount ceases and the student can continue the driving lessons for the actual driving lessons fees.

The first 10 hours of practical training fee must be paid at the office of Driving School. Further practical training lessons can be paid in preliminary at the driving instructor. In this case, the invoice can make in the office and the student can receive it at the office in the open time.

The practical training time (weekdays between and

Before and after, an extra charge needs to pay, 750.-HUF/session. (8.250.-HUF/session). This extra charge is understood only that lesson/lessons what is overreach the time off between and The practical training fee at the extreme time (weekday, before 8., am and after, and on weekends) is 8.250.-HUF/session.

The student on-demand can choose automatic transmission cars for practice lessons.

In this case, the student after the successful exam gets a driving license that qualifies to drive only an automatic transmission car.

Lessons fee on automatic transmission car: 8 500 HUF/session.

The student has his /her own responsibility to receive on the practical lessons.

The school is not responsible for the injury suffered by the student during the practical lessons or practical exam.

The student does not have any responsibility for any damages incurred in the training car during the practical lessons or practical exam.


If personal data change the student is required to notify the school within 8 days!

The student must open the online program within 90 days, from the ordering date, so otherwise can’t log in to the program and need to pay again the fee, if he/she wants to continue the course.
Must do the theory exam within nine months from the start date of the course, and must do a successful theory exam within one year from the start date of the course, and from the successful theory exam within two years, must do a successful traffic exam so otherwise the previous exams will be lost, and required to start the course from the beginning.
Please take in mind, when applying for the exam, the application must be submitted to the examination center at least three-four weeks before the deadline!

Reconciliation of practical training dates for the Student and for the Driving School’s teacher is flexible by mutual agreement. The student has to sign the reporting card of the practical training after each hour of practical driving training. This is required by the law (24/2005. IV.21). From the pre-agreed start of each practical training session, both the Student and the Driving School’s teacher are required to wait for each other 15 minutes long.

Cancellation of a practical training session is possible if the Student notifies the Driving School’s teacher 24 hours before the start of practical training sessions. Accepted forms of communication: a phone call or SMS via phone. If cancellation does not happen in this described way:

–                  then the Student has to pay the fee for already fixed practical training sessions or sessions.

–                  on the reporting card for practical training „not appeared” will be written,

–                  and these hours do not count as fulfilled hours.

5 A student participates in practical training at his / her own responsibility. During the practical training or practical exam if an accident occurs the school is not responsible for the damage suffered by the student. The student is not liable for any damage or damages incurred in the training car.

The student the knowledge of criminal responsibility takes note of that, with his/her behavior try influencing the outcome of the exam by any means that is a criminal offense that our school will report to the competent authority.

Our school enrollment registration fee of 10 000 HUF, which is payable in the event that our school dear student out. Both the Student and the ‘School’ have the right to terminate the contract without explanation. Termination of the contract in case the student is required to notify the school leader 5 of the notification, working days of the issue of the so-called training body. A student transferring documents to the student if the financial liabilities including outstanding mid-two parties settle. For the student of the registration fee, hourly rates of any settlement, the training body that had not resulted in hourly wages for reimbursement.

The registration fee is an administration fee. It contains the fee of application and exam documents, the administration of exams at KAV Közlekedési Alkalmassági és Vizsgaközpont Nonprofit Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság, the storing of documents for the same authority, support service in the designated office hours.

Theoretical and practical exam fees regarding driving:

Theoretical exam fee:

if computer-based 4 600 HUF


if verbally: 6 000 HUF plus the fee of the translator, who is chosen by the Budapest Főváros Kormányhivatala Közlekedési Felügyelősége.

Theoretical re-exam fee:

if computer-based 4 600 HUF


if verbally: 6 000 HUF plus the fee of the translator, who is chosen by the Budapest Főváros Kormányhivatala Közlekedési Felügyelősége.

Traffic exam fee:

11 000 HUF 

Traffic re-exam fee:

11 000 HUF  

If the student fails on the traffic exam and prepares for re-examination, at least 5 additional hours of the practical training session is required.

This contains 4 hours of driving and 1 hour of exam, which 1 hour includes the use of the training car.

These data are indicative since exam and re-examination conditions are subject to alterations implemented by regulations Budapest Főváros Kormányhivatala Közlekedési Felügyelősége.

The cancellation of the exam is possible before 7 workdays from the exam date.

The cancellations must be approved by the Examination Office too.

First aid examination course and fees:

The student needs to take a specific first aid exam. Students can gain the necessary knowledge at the Driving School since the Driving School also organizes such first aid courses in cooperation Red Cross. Education fee: 10 000 HUF.

The examination of the Hungarian Red Cross exam venues happens personally to visit the Red Cross center (1095 Budapest, Mester u. 38.).

The first aid exam fee is:8 200 HUF.

Translation has to be ensured by the Student for the exam. The Student can go with anybody to the exam as a translator, who can help him/her in the translation process since the Hungarian Red Cross does not expect an official translator.

The KAV exam center (Budapest XI dist. Petzvál József utca 39) will send the exam certificate to the Government office electronically after the successful traffic exam (at the earliest 4 working days).

In order to take your driving license, you need to have the Theory exam + Traffic exam + First Aid Exam.

Dear Learner!

I declare that I successfully closed eight years of elementary education and I understand that for the exams, it is required to present proof of the original certificate of this elementary or higher level of education.

If the student has any problem during the theoretical or practical education or with anything other, please inform the school director or the staff at the client’s office so that we can remedy it.

Regarding this contract, the Applicant acknowledges that he/she received one copy of this contract.

Parties approve their will regarding this contract and its content by signing it.

Budapest, 2021. 07. 12.

               ………………………………………………………………………………………                                           ………………………………………………………………………………..

                                                        Applicant                                                                                      Szuper Jogsi Autósiskola Kft.

Name(s) and signature(s) of a legal representative(s) in case Applicant is under the age of 18